So lately I have not felt like blogging.  At all.  Not even a little bit.

Obviously, right?

Even if I had ideas of what to blog about pop in my head, I still didn’t want to sit down and do it.

Recently I feel as though this whole blogging deal is very much like a corporate rat race. I’ve seen loads of bloggers mimicking others blogs or posts to garner more attention, brown-nosing comments on other blogs, and tagging ‘blends’ in posts talking about how awesome and similar they are to one another.

Not bashing, just making observations.

Honestly, I just don’t care right now about blogging.  As much as this is a fun hobby, I have really been enjoying just coming home from the gym after work and vegging. 

I feel as though I have been go-go-go for so many years; and not necessarily in a type-A being busy, but as a means of escape from grief.  I filled my time with as much ‘stuff’ as I could to avoid just being in the moment, experiencing life and all it’s crazy emotions.

 What have I been up to?

Taking ridiculous selfies wearing M’s Kevlar helmet.


Sexy. And horribly grainy. Thanks iphone selfie.

Giving loads of attention to this guy.  He loves helping me get ready…he’s a morning person, unlike his momma.

Indy May

And volunteering with work for National Police Week. It was an amazing experience helping support our law enforcement and their families!

country singer npw

vp npw

I saw country singer Jerrod Niemann perform and got to shake VP Biden’s hand!

Anyway right now I am just enjoying some time away from the blog, cranking out fun reports at work, hitting the gym, eating, baking and spending time with friends and family. 

Rinse, lather, repeat.

3 Ways to Workout with Intention

Hello!  Long time no chat!  Took some time off as I just haven’t been in the mood to blog.  Still loving getting good quality sleep and just enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather that has finally arrived in DC!

Winter-Spring 2014 032

…As evident by Indy enjoying the sun all splayed on the carpet!

While working through a pretty tough upper body workout I had yesterday, I noticed some other members slacking off around me in the gym.  Of course I pause to catch my breath or change the song (Spotify, please remove all Miley Cyrus songs from your playlists!), but they sat for a good 20 minutes!

I know sometimes I don’t give my 100% best effort in the gym.  Especially with my recent insomnia issues, my focus had been just having enough energy to finish the workout, let alone pushing myself to do better than last week. Now that I have been getting consistent sleep, I find I should be working harder, pushing a little heavier weights, and outperforming myself.  Self-doubt in my sleepless state really affected making any gains in lifting and fat loss (as well as too many work candy dish trips!), and I know my physique is paying the price.

But life is about learning and growing, right? My less-than-best effort in the gym lately got me thinking about how I really need to workout with focus and intention.  Though I don’t hog the benches playing on my phone, I know I can do better. Why waste your time (and others needing the equipment!) when you should be striving for improvement?

Feb 14 iphone photos 234

3 Ways to Workout with Intention:

1. Have a goal(s) in mind: A surgeon wouldn’t begin operating without a plan, and if you have specific goals (fat loss, muscle gains, marathon training, etc) you wouldn’t arrive at the gym and just mindlessly play on some equipment, right? Plan ahead! Having set goals will leave you feeling accomplished!

2. Challenge yourself: Whether it’s a higher weight than last week or longer run, try to challenge yourself every workout.  This will prevent boredom as well as muscle memory- the body adapts, so keep it guessing by challenging it every week! 

3. Focus: So you have a plan and will attempt a heavier bench press. Great!  But you need to focus on what movements you’re doing to obtain the maximum benefit of your training.  Just throwing some heavy weights around won’t cut it.  For one thing, it can get you injured! Focus on what you’re working, engaging the muscles and performing the exercise with perfect form will get those muscles burnin’!

Question: How do you regain focus at the gym? Any other tips for getting the most out of your workout?




Totally Random Thoughts

Hello lovers!  Phew, it’s been a while since my last Thinking Out Loud post- so it’s definitely time for another! Thanks to Amanda :)


Today’s 7th TOL post will be totally random thoughts…which is Kind of the point of this post.  But just a warning!

Chivalry is not dead! A cute little old man removed his hat to me on his way off the elevator in my building.  Too cute!

We had our carpets cleaned the other day.  When I met the guy in the service elevator he asked if I lifted weights (I assume he asked because I was in my workout clothes).  I said yes and he replied “Because you have very large arms!.” I was both happy and sad- were they muscularly big? Or chubby big? My arms are my arch nemesis, something I want slimmer and hardest to train…so I was kind of bummed the rest of the day :(

I like the smell of hairspray.  Some smell really good, like jelly beans and cupcakes good.  Some not so good.  A coworker doing her hair in the bathroom had a really good one at work yesterday!

But I hate the smell of canned green beans.  Nearly makes me yack!

I really need to find a good way to load the dishwasher.  I never do it the same way twice and M always yells at me for not doing it ‘correctly.’  Hey, if the dishes get clean who cares, right?

For some odd reason I felt like running yesterday.  I usually stick to the elliptical as it’s easy on my knees, and because they have little fans on them.  I would run more often if our treadmills had little fans, too! (—> our gym has very little ventilation, fans are a must!)

On that note, I would rather lift than do cardio.  Even though the run was kind of nice.

M had to work late last night…which meant the apartment all to myself and time to partaaaay!!


In Reality…just a mini spa day.  I try to avoid spooking him and Indy with my freaky mask face :)

That’s all I have for you guys today!   Hope you have some lovely weather like we are in DC!

Question: What random smell do you like?  Cardio- yay or nay? 


10 Things I believe Part 2

Hi guys!  Sorry to do a disappearing act on you, I have been a bit of a hot mess lately.  Work has been crazy busy, our AC broke and contacting our landlord has been hectic, and my car (along with everyone else’s in the neighborhood) was broken into while visiting my mom last weekend.  Fortunately nothing was damaged, but they did steal my favorite North Face spring jacket!

kidding me

Needless to say I needed some time to just relax and handle personal ish.  But trying to get back into the blogosphere with a second edition of 10 Things I believe since the first was so popular!  Here we go!

1. I believe in giving money to the homeless on the streets.  If I can get froyo and pass right by them with it, I can certainly spare what’s in my wallet.

2. I believe in froyo :)

3.  I believe a visit with mom (or a good friend) can refresh the mind and heal the soul.

mom and me disney

4. I believe clipping coupons is cathartic. And Indy agrees so…  Judge away.

Feb 14 iphone photos 181

4. I believe Spring is finally coming to DC!

5. I believe in doing a couple chores every day before vegging out for the evening.  Yup, mom and dad’s incessant chore-nagging stuck.  Hey, it’s nice to have a clean home!

6. I believe reading is such a great escape.  I just finished Red Rising that Amanda suggested.  It was nothing like I expected and was such a page turner! 

Can’t believe I have to wait until January 2015 for the second in the series!

7. I believe Ambien is the best thing since sliced bread.  I am a champion for natural sleep but dang if I haven’t had the best sleep of my life the past couple of weeks.  Waking up not feeling like a zombie has been awesome!

8. I believe Excel is the devil.  (if you work with spreadsheets and stupid reports all day you understand).

9. I believe I could eat a lot of the same meals every day whereas M rarely likes leftovers, microwaved food, or the same week for more than 2 days.  I get stuck in food ruts…and don’t care at all!

10. I believe it’s hump day!!

He he too cute.  Happy Wednesday lovers!

Question: Do you have any chores you find relaxing? Get into food ruts? Hate excel as much as I do??




Five Years

Five years ago today, my mom lost her soul mate.

dad wedding

Five years ago today, the earth lost one crazy nature-lover.

grand canyonFive years ago today, a daddy’s little girl lost her daddy.

me and dad 1

Five years ago today, a kid lost her best friend.

me and dad 2

Five years ago today, vacation lost it’s biggest fan.


Five years ago today, Scuba lost it’s most dedicated diver.

dive 2 Five years ago today, I lost my hero. My biggest fan.  My daddy.

My dad and I September 2008

It’s only been five years yet it feels like an eternity since I was last with my dad. Hugged him. Told him I loved him.  I miss him more now than ever.  I hope he is at peace and knows how much I love him.

I miss you daddy.



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